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Introducing the new future workplace A3 MFPs, SHARP CR5.0 Series is redefined to seamlessly adapt the demands of the new hybrid workplace. Work efficiently while interacting seamlessly with your office environment and colleagues any time and any place.



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The SHARP CR5.0 Multifunctional Printer series uses AI and image processing technology to automatically determine the optimal resolution, gradation, and compression rate of your documents.

Automatic determination of compression rate
Automatically selects the optimal compression rate based on the document character size and resolution information. Sharp's Future Workplace MFP can enhance printing / copy quality output.

Irregular size detection
When scanning using the automatic document feeder, the optimal size is automatically detected and sent, including irregular sizes. The new CR5.0 MFPs will automatically save the file on the intended file size.






120 DPI Printing

Very high-resolution of print & copy quality output 

SHARP's new CR.5 A3 MFP series engine supports 1,200 x 1,200 dpi printing and copying. Fine lines and small text come out looking crisper and easier to read.


Duplex Single Pass Feeder

High-Performance Duplex Single Pass Feeder for scan speeds up to 280 OPM

The Duplex Single Pass Feeder on the new Future Workplace A3 MFP can scan both pages of two-sided documents in one pass—in with scanning speeds of up to 280 OPM (originals per minute; two-sided)

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Flexible expansion
Work styles are changing and offices are going paper-less. But businesses still need paper documents. And companies often need to
produce flyers, direct mail, and business proposals in-house. With Sharp's CR5.0 series, creating professional-looking documents is a breeze.

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Built-in retractable QWERTY keyboard
Simplifies email address and subject line entries.


Tiltable control panel
The intuitive control panel can be
tilted for user's comfortability.

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Automatic Toner Cartridge Eject Function
This function expels completely empty cartridges in preparation for replacement. The cartridge is replaced only after all the toner has been consumed, thereby ensuring efficient use of toner.

BP SHARP TONER Cartridge developer

Walk-up Motion Sensor
Sharp CR5.0 automatically sleeps when not in use to save energy. However it detects walk-up users and wakes the machine from sleep mode, making it ready for use within seconds.








Connected printer

Seamless connectivity
Accelerating collaboration and realizing smart working is the new norm. Sharp's newest MFPs enables seamless connectivity across your organization.





SHARP CR5 Printer BP-70C
SHARP's newest MFPs line-up enables its users to connect with their mobile devices and collaborate with hybrid workers using popular cloud services, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Drive™, Dropbox and others.

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Connect with Mobile Devices
Handheld devices such as smartphones and tablet device. This makes the CR.5 MFP to connect, enabling efficient use of data from mobile devices in the office. Scanned documents can be imported to a smartphone without a computer, and the range of data usage can be expanded, such as by printing photos taken on the go.



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NFC Tag or QR Code connect
The CR 5.0 MFP Series allows direct one-to-one connection without switching the network connection of the mobile device.

Printer NFC tag SHARP

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Direct Printing/Scanning with USB Drives
Insert a USB drive into the MFP and a command screen will automatically pop up on the LCD. Right away you can print files from the USB drive—which are displayed as thumbnails—or you can scan documents directly to the USB drive.

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SHARP Secure printing office secured

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Robust security features

With advancements in information technology come threats such as computer viruses, information leaks, and unauthorized access. Dealing with these wide-ranging threats is one of the most pressing issues for business today—which is why MFPs should be treated the same as other IT equipment. Sharp MFPs reduce all sorts of security risks by, for example, blocking unauthorized access and preventing information leaks from printouts or storage media.



Secured work environment

Sharp's future workplace A3 MFP can create a more secured workplace environment and boost employee confidence, giving the organization peace of mind.


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