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How to choose the right printer for your ever-evolving organization

Choosing the right printer for office

Choosing the right printer for your organization is definitely a cumbersome process. Nowadays, more and more organizations are opting for multifunctional printers that can print, copy, scan, and fax to meet heir various needs with a single device. The technology of these printers is developing rapidly, and new functionalities are coming to the market. Are you in the stage of considering to purchase new printers? This list will help you make the right choice.

1.) Determine your needs

Before choosing the right printer, identify your organization's printing, copy, and scanning needs. Determine the volume of printing required, the types of documents needed, and whether color printing is necessary. Consider the paper handling capabilities of the printer, such as the size and capacity of the paper trays. Knowing your printing needs will help you choose the right printer for your organization.

2.) Sustainability

Choosing a sustainable printer can reduce environmental impact by using fewer resources and operating more efficiently. It is ideal to look for printers with sustainable features such as 'energy-saving' and eco-friendly settings, 'auto paper adjustment' to avoid print or copy mistakes, two-sided (duplex) print to reduce paper consumption, hold print to avoid paper wastage and other features promoting sustainability.

3.) Connectivity

With the rise of digitalization and hybrid work styles, employees are more fond of web and mobile connectivity. Printers with the capability to connect with cloud-based services can streamline document management processes. This means that your team can easily scan, print, and share documents with each other, all from a centralized platform. With a mobile-connected printer, users can quickly print documents without having to go through a computer or other devices. This can save time, leading to increased efficiency in your organization.

4.) Security

Printers can be a target for cybercriminals who want to gain access to your organization's network. By having a printer with robust security features, you can ensure that information is protected from unauthorized access, theft, or data breaches. This can help your organization maintain compliance with industry regulations.

5.) Cost of Ownership

Consider the total cost of ownership of the printer, including the initial cost, ongoing maintenance, and ink or toner replacement costs. A printer that requires costly ink replacement may not be cost-effective in the long run. Look for a printer with essential features such as scanning, copying, faxing, and duplex printing. A multifunctional printer with these features can save your organization money, eliminating the need to purchase separate devices for each task.

Investing in a sustainable multifunctional printer with cloud connectivity, mobile printing capabilities, and robust security features can help the company reduce its environmental impact, improve productivity, and enhance the entire office security. Keeping in line with these key requirements, Sharp offers multifunctional printers with features that can benefit organizations based on their specific needs.

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